Calli vom Fiemereck
Sch H1 KKL 1
HD normal ED normal ZW 77
DM Clear (Degenerative Myelopathy)


Korung: March 2011
65cm. A large, strong and substantial dog with very strong pigment, a strong head and a pronounced mask. High wither, straight, firm back, slightly short, slightly steep croup. Good angulations. Balanced chest proportions. Stands correct in front. Steps correct in front, slightly narrow at rear. Shows flowing ground covering gait. Temperament and character firm. TSB pronounced. Releases.

Calli's pedigree hold 17 Exceptional VA animals

Calli was shown 5 times in Germany 2010, not less than 3rd place/LGZS 2010 2nd place.

Only very Limited Frozen semen available to approved bitches only $2,500 per breeding unit.

Sire:Duras vom Holtkamper See 
Mother:Quattrogardens Sherri