Over the years we have shared our life with some very special friends.
These dogs have made Freevale what it is today.
These wonderful dogs were a joy to own & love for the time that we had them as always we feel they were taken too soon over the Rainbow Bridge.
To our wonderful & beloved K9 kids we miss you dearly & forever you will remain in our hearts to keep.....
Champion Keevale Olga
Alexis was the foundation of Freevale, she was a loyal loving girl that was a sheer joy to own & love for 13years.
Alexis lives on today with the many outstanding offspring.
RIP my wonderful loyal friend.
Ch Ortonview Checkmate
Boss was my very first German Shepherd, this truly wonderful dog still holds a very special place in my heart.
Not only was Boss a top winning show dog but he was my soul mate.
I shared 11 wonderful years with Boss until sadly my boy passed away in his sleep.
Boss you were the best friend I could ever have & to this very day I still cry over your passing.
Love you dearly my Bosco Boy.
Grand Ch Freevale Blitz
Our big dog Mason what a outstanding boy .
Mason was our first Grand Champion Show dog but he was also a truly wonderful kind boy that was very much loved by our family.
Sadly we lost Mason at just 9 years of age which broke our hearts but we thankful for the time we shared.

Ch Freevale Enchantment
The lovely Shannon, Shannon was  given us some truly outstanding progeny such as
CH Freevale Task Force, Grand Ch Freevale Magnum Force, Grand Ch Freevale Cross My Heart & Ch Freevale Made Of Magic.
Shannon has left her mark at Freevale & will always hold a very special place in our hearts.
Sadly we said goodbye to our lovely lady aged 12 years.
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Ch Freevale Task Force
The outstanding Mav, Mav was owned & loved by Debbie Dury of Jarinda Kennels.
Mav made Freevale very proud with his outstanding effects in the show ring.
Sadly Mav was put to sleep at just 7 years with  Cancer.
Thank-you Mav you were one of the greats.
Ch Freevale Magic Flair
The lovely Shelby.
Shelby was a very special friend for my father, if fact they had a very close bond.
Shelby was a lovely dog & she spent her days by the feet of my father each & every day until her death at 11 years due to Cancer.
Shelby you are greatly missed by all but most of all by my father who still to very day speaks of you daily
Ch Willabilla Princes Rose
Roxy was a ball of power always on the go &  very active.
Roxy spent the first 6 years with Freevale & then was placed in a lovely home with Carol Martin after her husbands death.
Carol & Roxy were the best of mates going for long walks every day until Roxy's death at 14 years of age.
Ch Cassvale Living Legend
Raz was a lovely dog to live with, always sweet loving boy.
Raz did very well in the show ring, Raz lived a happy & full life with us until his passing at 15 years of age.

Grand Champion Freevale Lady Boss
Oh the sweet & loving Miss Chloe.
Chloe was a star from the first time she went into the show ring, her free flowing movement won her many a Best In Show.
Chloe had a love for food &  games always active.
Sadly Chloe passed away in her sleep early 2005 aged 11years.

Champion Karlrach Love N Kisses
Our much beloved girl Tamika has been taken away from us too soon.
After a huge effort from our wonderful vet/friend Dr Robert Zammit  to save Tamika in April 2006 we had to say goodbye.
Tamika died from Cancer of the spleen which could not be removed.This has left us heartbroken as Tamika was never sick & has been taken from us too soon.
Tamika we love you, thank-you for the 7 1/2 years of love that you gave us. Until we meet again Big Bean xoxoxo
The very special Tahnee,
this lovely puppy was owned & very much loved by two very dear friends Stephen & Shyron.
Tahnee was just 4 months when she was hit by a elderly speeding driver who could not even say sorry.
Tahnee is sadly missed by all & has been taken well before her time from us all.
Champion Freevale Under Wraps

Our much beloved Bridgee, your sudden passing has left us both broken hearted.
Bridgee you are a very special girl in every way & words can't say what you mean to us, we love you & wish we could have you back we would give anything to have you once again by our side.
Run free Bridgee, we know your mum Tamika will look after you until we can once again hold you in our arms. Love you & miss you dearly BB
1.7.03 - 6.2.07
Champion Freevale Star Performer

Miss Meggie beloved by all that knew her.
Meggie has been a true delight to have,a very special girl to us & Stephen & Sharyn Lewis.
Meggie was a dog that was always up for a game ready for anything that came her way in life.
Meggie has blessed us with some beautiful progeny & for that Megs we thank-you.
Sadly our wonderful girl passed suddenly with a blood clot to the heart during a operation. We thank Dr Robert Zammit that did everything in his power to try & bring our girl back to us but she could not be saved.
Meggie you have left a huge hole in my heart & part of me died with you the day you left me.
RIP 13.2.2007
Champion Dezignerz Hidden Agenda
Our much loved sweetheart Dannii, we were very lucky to share almost 12 years with Dannii. The joy the love that she gave will stay forever with us. Dannii was the mother of some lovely dogs & now the very proud grandmother, yes she has left her trade mark.
Her beautiful black eyes told me on the 30.8.08 that the time had come to say goodbye. Dannii had a stroke & I had to put my beloved girl to sleep.I was with my beautiful girl until she took her very last breath.
So sadly missed by us all & great shock on that day  that has left a huge whole in our hearts.
Rest easy Dannii until be can play again.
Champion Freevale Crazy For Love
Ella Bear, that she was with her big bear like feet & face.
Ella left us very suddenly on the 2.9.08 at just 7 years of age with a very serious case of bloat. We did our very best to save our beloved Ella but even our great vet felt it was best to let Ella go, which was a very hard to do,.
Ella has left us with some outstanding dogs that will carry on with her name & her outstanding qualities.
Ella Bear our home is not the same without you, we so miss your funny ways, your cuddles but most of all we so miss  not having you here with us every day.
Champion Eigenschaft Regal Flame
Yenni left us on the  2.2 2011
Rest easy Yenni, you will be a very bright star in the evening sky
Champion Freevale Causin Chaos
Packer words can't be said for the pain I feel now that you have gone.
My heart is empty.

Champion Freevale Envious Eyes

Our Bliss Bomb always full of life & trouble.
Sadly Blissy had to leave us suddenly in Nov 2011.
Rest Easy Blissy
Freevale Secret Girls Stuff
Holli Hocks was a beautiful young girl that was taken far too soon from Cancer. Holli was loving owned by Danni & she has left two beautiful progeny to carry on her name.